Detecting Co2 Levels In The Atmosphere

Our app connects to nearby smart Ria devices which are capable of measuring CO2 levels in the air and provides a one-stop solution for detecting Co2 levels in the atmosphere and notifying the user when a particular threshold is reached.

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About Wirelism

The Wirelism App, a testament to our collaboration with Wirelism, signifies a revolutionary step towards managing indoor air quality. By leveraging IoT technology, we have crafted a tool that not only monitors CO2 levels but also fosters healthier environments through timely notifications. The Wirelism App showcases Sparkleo Technologies' commitment to innovation and problem-solving, paving the way for enhanced air quality management and a brighter, healthier future.

Our Work

Android & iOS app and creation of mock firmware for the Ria Device

Key Features

Intuitive Graphs

The app employs intuitive graphical representations, providing users with clear and comprehensible visualizations of CO2 level data over time.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Users can seamlessly interact with the app even in offline mode, ensuring uninterrupted access to vital air quality information.

Device Scanning

The app efficiently scans for nearby Ria smart devices, simplifying the process of device selection and connection.

Device Management

The Wirelism App presents a user-friendly interface displaying available Ria devices and seamlessly connects to the user's preferred device, showcasing real-time data on easy-to-understand charts.

Air Quality Categorization

The app categorizes air quality levels, enhancing user awareness and understanding of indoor environmental conditions.

Historical Data

Tracking Wirelism App diligently collects and maintains historical air quality data, enabling users to review trends and make informed decisions.

Weekly Chart

Display Users can access weekly air quality data charts, facilitating a comprehensive overview of variations and patterns.

Threshold Notifications

The app audibly notifies users when CO2 levels surpass predefined thresholds, prompting timely ventilation and promoting optimal productivity.

The Challenge

Initially, it was the requirement of the project to change the device name from the Bluetooth SIG defined name characteristic.

This proved to be not possible with iOS, so we created a custom characteristic to change the device name.

Why Sparkleo?


Our profound knowledge in IoT and mobile app development uniquely positioned us to handle the intricacies of the Wirelism project.

Problem Solving

We adeptly tackled challenges, ensuring smooth cross-platform functionality and a seamless user experience.


Our creation of mock firmware exemplifies our commitment to innovative problem-solving and efficient testing processes.

why sparkleo

Tech Stack

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What we helped them achieve?

The Wirelism App has made significant strides in air quality management:

Pattern Prediction

Users benefit from the app's capability to predict air quality patterns, enabling informed decisions.

Ventilation Prompt

The app's threshold notifications empower users to optimize indoor environments, enhancing work productivity and well-being.

Lessons learned

Mock Device Efficiency

Employing mock devices with controlled values expedites testing and enhances development efficiency, as seen in our approach to Ria device testing.

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