Adding Convenience to Healthcare by Centralizing Health Data

Sena Health operates as an integrated customer-centred care model that brings healing-at-home services to customers in the comfort of their own homes. Acting as the coordinating hub for at-home care services, Sena Health offers continuous care management, clinical care at home, skilled nursing facility (SNF) avoidance, and remote patient monitoring.

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About Sena Health

The Sena Health App is a revolutionary tool that aims to make healthcare convenient by centralizing all health data onto a single platform. The app enables users to create personalized, password-protected accounts to securely manage their health data and synchronizes it with specialists for seamless care.

Our Work

Building, testing, and integrating Android app with Bluetooth Sensors

Key Features

Personalized Account

Users can create and manage password-protected accounts, ensuring the security and privacy of their health data.

Data Collection

The app supports data collection from five different Bluetooth health sensors, allowing users to monitor various vital signs and health parameters.

Syncing User Data with Backend

The collected health data is automatically synced with a secure backend server for easy access and analysis by healthcare providers.

Tabular Display

The app presents health data in a user-friendly and easily understandable tabular format, facilitating better comprehension and analysis.

The Challenge

While developing the Sena Health App, the team encountered several challenges

Understanding Bluetooth Protocol

The lack of comprehensive documentation from the manufacturer made understanding the Bluetooth protocol of the health sensors a demanding task.

Remote Testing

Due to the nature of the project, testing had to be conducted remotely, posing logistical challenges for the development team.

Why Sparkleo?

Vast Experience

Sparkleo Technologies boasted a wealth of experience in developing apps for Bluetooth devices across various industries.

Bluetooth Expertise

The team possessed a deep understanding of Bluetooth communication protocols, ensuring a seamless integration of the health sensors with the app.

Remote Development Expertise

With prior experience in building apps for devices remotely, Sparkleo Technologies was well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the project.

why sparkleo

Tech Stack



White-labeled devices from a Chinese company


MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel)

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What we helped them achieve?

The Sena Health App has made significant strides in health management:

Improved Patient Care

The app enabled customers to access healthcare services conveniently from the comfort of their homes, promoting healing-at-home and reducing the need for hospital visits.

Streamlined Data Management

The centralized platform streamlined health data management, making it easier for patients and healthcare providers to access and monitor crucial health metrics.

Positive User Feedback

The user-friendly interface and robust functionality of the app garnered positive feedback from users and healthcare professionals alike.

Lessons learned

Importance of Local Devices

Integrating Bluetooth devices locally significantly expedites the development process and enhances the app's overall performance.

Offline Data Syncing

Incorporating local storage in addition to cloud storage ensures that readings taken when the app is offline can be efficiently synchronized later.

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