How we helped a client to change the Athletic Industry

Sparkleo was given the challenge of using our experience in the smart fitness device industry to develop a connected app for a fitness mat that can provide the user with their training data and measurements in a flash.

Plyomat needed a team of experts to develop and integrate a connected app for their IoT fitness device and bring their idea to life.

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about playomat and sparkleo

About Plyomat

Plyomat is a groundbreaking Bluetooth-enabled controller and switch mat built for coaches to measure Ground Contact Time (GCT), Vertical, and Reactive Strength Index (RSI) for athletes.

Connected with an innovative application, it made Plyometrics training more efficient and data-driven than ever before. Athletes can instantly receive accurate performance metrics on their phones or tablets via Bluetooth, allowing for real-time analysis and personalized training programs.

Plyomat's seamless integration with the apps has garnered widespread acclaim among college and national athlete teams across America, solidifying its position as a game-changing tool in the world of athlete training.

Our Work

Building, testing, and integrating Android & iOS app

The Challenge

The Plyomat team came up with a great idea and product but now they were looking for a strategic partner to handle the software/code side of the project to bring it to life.

They were facing difficulties in deciding which features to include in the Plyomat app (feature documentation), as well as the device was not ready to be shipped to a partner for app development and testing purposes, so finding an experienced partner was critical for them.

Why Sparkleo?

Plyomat sought a partner with a clear focus on developing applications for new technologies.

With an established track record of creating apps for net new devices, Sparkleo's expertise is perfectly aligned with Plyomat's vision.

The decision to collaborate was driven by Sparkleo's dedication to innovation and its ability to deliver tailored solutions for Plyomat's unique requirements, making it a seamless and rewarding partnership.

why sparkleo

The Scope

Sparkleo Technologies' highly skilled and dedicated team bridged the client's knowledge gap, working collaboratively to bring the Plyomat app to life. They actively communicated with the client, gathering feedback and implementing changes throughout the development process.

Expert Feature Guidance

Sparkleo Technologies conducted in-depth discussions with the client to understand their goals and objectives. The team then suggested an array of features, including real-time Reactive Strength Index (RSI) results and customizable tracking options. This transformed Plyomat into a powerful training tool tailored to individual athlete needs.

Mock Firmware Implementation

To bypass device absence issue, Sparkleo Technologies rapidly developed a mock firmware that simulated the Plyomat's functionalities. This allowed for comprehensive app testing and optimization, ensuring the final product would seamlessly interact with the physical device.

Transition to Clean Architecture

As the Plyomat app evolved with additional features, Sparkleo Technologies recognized the importance of maintaining a scalable and modular codebase. Migrating to a clean architecture ensured that future updates and enhancements would be easily implementable.

Tech Stack

flutterAmazon AWSSQLite
plyomat device

What we helped them achieve?

The collaboration between Plyomat and Sparkleo Technologies resulted in an extraordinary outcome!

Widespread Adoption

Plyomat quickly gained popularity and is now being widely used by college and national athlete teams across America. Its accurate and real-time performance metrics have become indispensable for trainers and athletes alike.

Individualized Approach

Athletes now benefit from the app's meaningful and instantaneous data, allowing trainers to tailor workouts with a more individualized approach. This has led to optimized training sessions and improved performance.

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