Monitoring Critical Health Metrics Using Wearables

Plex Medical, a leading medical tech company, approached Sparkleo Technologies to develop an iOS and Android app for their groundbreaking Health and fitness IoT device, Plex Ring. The goal was to create a sleek and stylish wearable that monitors critical health metrics with clinical-grade precision, empowering users to optimize their overall well-being.

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About Plex Ring

Plex Ring is an ultra-lightweight and stylish wearable equipped with multiple sensors for monitoring sleep patterns, activity levels, stress, heart rate, temperature trends, blood pressure, and more. Paired with the Plex Ring app, users receive real-time data, personalized suggestions, and insights to better understand their bodies and make informed decisions about their health and fitness.

Our Work

Building, testing, and integrating Android & iOS app

Key Features

Account (Profile) System for personalized tracking with offline option.

Real-time Health Metrics - Heart Rate, Body Temperature, Pulse Oximeter (SpO2), Arterial Blood Pressure, and Activity Tracking.

Machine Learning-based ECG for comprehensive heart monitoring.

Sleep Tracking with detailed sleep analysis and user-friendly UI with visually appealing graphs.

The Challenge

The unique challenge of incorporating Machine Learning-based ECG functionality required a robust integration process. However, Sparkleo Technologies overcame this obstacle by deploying the models on AWS and creating APIs for efficient data access. The ring retrieves raw data from the ECG sensors, which is then sent to the ML ops model through API. The ML model deployed on the cloud converts the raw data to a human-readable form. This data is then retrieved to the app for the users.

Why Sparkleo?

Plex Medical chose Sparkleo Technologies due to their expertise in IoT and app development.

Their collaborative approach, dedication to innovation, and commitment to meeting medical standards made them the ideal partner for bringing Plex Ring to life.

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Tech Stack

firebaseamazon awsflutterdart programming languageadobe xd
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What we helped them achieve?

Plex Ring, powered by Sparkleo's app, revolutionized health monitoring, providing users with valuable insights into their bodies for peak mental and physical health.

The app's real-time data and personalized suggestions have led to improved well-being and lifestyle optimization.

Lessons learned

The project reinforced the importance of adhering to medical guidelines and conducting rigorous testing for clinical-grade precision.

Collaboration and communication were instrumental in delivering a successful product.

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"Plex Ring has exceeded our expectations. Sparkleo Technologies' expertise and commitment to delivering a reliable app have made healthcare more accessible and personalized for our users."

- Adrian Attard Trevisan, plex founder

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