Enhancing Velocity-Based Training with IoT Technology

Gravity Box is a promising Canadian-based startup that aims to democratize access to Velocity-Based Training (VBT) for individuals seeking optimized performance in their workouts.

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About Gravity Box

Gravity Box is a cutting-edge device designed to be attached to an exercise bar, offering an affordable and efficient means of accessing the benefits of velocity-based training with real-time feedback.

When connected to the Gravity Box application, users can elevate their training routines through data-driven insights and enhanced efficiency.

Our Work

Building, testing, and integrating Android & iOS app

Key Features

Personalized account

Users can create password-protected accounts to securely manage their training data.

Progress Tracking

The app allows users to monitor and analyze their progress for each workout or exercise session individually.

Gravity Box Locator

The app scans for nearby Gravity Boxes, making it convenient for users to find and connect to the device.

Threshold-Based Categorization

Gravity Box categorizes the lifter's experience based on set thresholds, aiding in performance evaluation.

Graphical Visualization

The app displays graphical representations of exercise sessions for each day, providing valuable insights into the user's performance.

Tabular Display

Data is presented in a user-friendly and easily understandable tabular format.

The Challenge

Challenges Sparkleo's team faced in developing an effective solution for Gravity Box

Shipping Constraints

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the physical device could not be shipped. Hence, we worked with a mock device built on the same microcontroller for development purposes.

Data Visualization

Handling a vast amount of data and presenting it visually in a practical and meaningful way was a challenge we successfully tackled.

Responsive Design

Ensuring seamless user experience across various form factors was an essential aspect of our development process.

Database Structure

We implemented a smartly structured database to handle the abundance of training data efficiently.

Why Sparkleo?

Gravity Box sought a partner with a strong focus on developing applications for cutting-edge technologies. Sparkleo's track record of creating apps for new devices aligned perfectly with Gravity Box's vision.

The decision to collaborate with Sparkleo was driven by our dedication to innovation and our ability to provide tailored solutions to meet Gravity Box's unique requirements, resulting in a seamless and rewarding partnership.

why sparkleo

Tech Stack

gravity box device and app

What we helped them achieve?

The collaboration between Gravity Box and Sparkleo Technologies resulted in outstanding achievements:

User Friendly Interface

The application successfully gathers and presents data from the Gravity Box device in a user-friendly manner, making it easily understandable for users.

Widespread Adoption

Velocity-Box swiftly gained popularity and is now widely used by college and national athlete teams across America. Its accurate real-time performance metrics have made it indispensable for trainers and athletes alike.

Individualized Approach

Athletes benefit from the app's meaningful and instantaneous data, enabling trainers to customize workouts for a more individualized approach, leading to optimized training sessions and improved performance.

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"Working with Sparkleo was a great experience, meeting if not exceeding our expectations."

- Adam Sarafinchan, Gravity Box

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