Real-Time Monitoring of Deforestation using Mobile App

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) faced a pressing issue concerning deforestation worldwide. In response, they collaborated with Sparkleo Technologies to create Fortect, an innovative app aimed at actively tracking deforestation activities in forests through real-time monitoring. The goal was to prevent deforestation before it reached a critical point and threatened the ecosystem.

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Key Features

ML algorithms running on low-powered embedded devices:

Fortect App revolved around deploying low-powered nodes in forests to detect wood-cutting sounds. These nodes used Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to classify audio as wood-cutting

Embedded Nodes Communication

Embedded nodes communicate via LoRaWAN with a gateway within the 10km radius, which then sends the information to a cloud server.

Visual Representation of Data

The Android app visually represents the data from the nodes to notify the authorities if any deforestation activity is detected. Push notifications alert the user even if the app is not active.

The Challenge

Challenges Sparkleo's team faced in developing an effective solution for Fortect

Power Consumption for Real-time Surveillance

Operating real-time surveillance systems in rugged and remote forest environments demanded meticulous power management. Sparkleo Technologies responded with a strategic approach by developing energy-efficient and cost-effective end-nodes. These nodes, incorporating microphone extensions, consistently captured audio data. To further optimize the system, we implemented on-device machine learning sound classification.

Gateway Integration with Cutting-edge Solutions

The integration of the gateway with advanced technologies, such as Firebase Cloud Firestore, presented a significant challenge. Our adept team addressed this hurdle by implementing a two-fold solution. Initially, we harnessed the potential of a real-time database for the gateway. Subsequently, we seamlessly linked this database to a Cloud Firestore account, ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval. This streamlined integration bolstered the system's capabilities and data management efficiency.

Why Sparkleo?

Fortect sought a partner with a strong focus on developing applications for cutting-edge technologies. Sparkleo's track record of creating apps for new devices aligned perfectly with Gravity Box's vision.

The decision to collaborate with Sparkleo was driven by our dedication to innovation and our ability to provide tailored solutions to meet Fortect's unique requirements, resulting in a seamless and rewarding partnership.

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Tech Stack



Raspberry Pi, Sound Sensors, LoRaWAN modules, and Gateways


MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel)

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What we helped them achieve?

The collaboration between UNDP and Sparkleo Technologies resulted in the successful development of the Fortect app. The solution was tested extensively on various sample data and was ready to be deployed. The team also created a 3D case for the finished prototype, enhancing its durability and usability.

Groundbreaking Solution

Fortect emerged as a groundbreaking solution that provided proactive monitoring of forests to combat deforestation. The app's real-time capabilities and push notifications ensured timely action, significantly contributing to the preservation of global ecosystems. The collaboration between UNDP and Sparkleo Technologies demonstrated the potential of technology in addressing critical environmental challenges.

Lessons learned

The Fortect project taught valuable lessons to the team. Running ML algorithms on low-powered devices requires careful optimization and consideration of resource constraints. Additionally, Firebase Cloud Functions proved to be a valuable tool for automating different actions within the app.

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